Monday, September 10, 2012

Summer finds - planters

It was so hot all summer I didn't do much but read. I did manage a few flea markets and garage sales and will share them over the next days (or weeks)
Some of my summer finds:
Great Planters!
Check out my give away below!


Joining at Coastal Charm

Monday, September 3, 2012

Blog Gift Game

Someone posted about a marvelous blog game to play that involves "Paying it Forward".

Here’s How It Works:

I’ll send a surprise gift to the first three commenters on this blog post. The gift will be a handmade surprise by me and will be sent to you some time in the next 365 days - both the gift and the time you receive it will be a surprise :)

Here’s what you need to do, leave me a comment and make sure you include your email address (if your profile doesn’t include it). I’ll email you for your snail mail address and a ask a few questions (likes/dislikes, favourite colours, etc.).

To complete signing up you MUST play along too. To do this you must blog a similar post and pledge to make a surprise gift for the first three people who comment on it.

So, do you want to play? Comment below and I’ll sent a thoughtful handmade gift to the first three people who do.

So let's have some fun! I am going to receive a gift from Pamela at:Sew Much Class & Crafty, too