Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Glass Balls

I found these 3 glass balls at a garage Sale on our way home on the weekend. I don't know what they are but they were 50¢ each and so pretty and sparkly I scooped them up. They are about 4" in diameter and have a one hole. They remind me of float balls. I wonder if they came off a light fixture. Anyone know?
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flea Market

On the way home from camping we stopped at a large Flea market. Prices weren't all that great inside but we found some bargains at the outside vendors.
 Here are my treasures:
A very rusty cast iron glue pot.
A handle for a sad iron. I had the iron for a long time and now it has a handle!

It has a crack in the wood so I wouldn't pick it up by the handle but it looks good!
My final find was this cute ceramic tea lite fish. I have his daddy a large black cast iron fish of the same style.

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 P.S. I just got news that my cousin's wife died suddenly this morning so I might not be around for awhile  :(

Monday, June 18, 2012

Relay For Life

On Friday we participated in a Relay for Life to raise funds for cancer Research. My son Christopher was our team leader.
 Here is our team; Kyrstyn, her Other Grandma Anne, Philip, Patrick, DH John, Me, Tammy, Alexandre, Lori, son Christopher, Taylor, son Sean, my sister Joan.
Eight of us stayed for the long haul 7:00 pm till 7:00 am. Christopher, Philip, Alexandre, Patrick, Kyrstin, John, Me and Joan.
The evening starts with the Survivor Lap which is very moving.
We took turns doing laps with some doing more than others. I managed 25 laps.
They had lots of activities to keep us awake and motivated. Alexanndre with face painting.
Taylor and Alexandre take a break.
At 10:00 pm they lit the luminaries and they stayed lit for the rest of the night, the last one on the left was lit for my sisters husband Al who died of cancer in 2009.
At 3:00 am they had a paper dress competition and Patrick was a good sport and modeled the dress designed by Kyrstin on the stage for us. Joan, myself and Christopher were her assistants.
Just after 5:00 am the sun was rising.
I am proud of myself that I managed to stay up all night and proud of my family who stayed with it for the long haul. Over $115,000.00 was raised by the 54 teams that participated.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Garage Sale

On our way home from the Church BBQ on Sunday we saw a "Junk Sale" sign and had to investigate.Here is what we bought:
A small green 6 drawer unit, 2 plant holders a metal pointy thing and DH bought the plastic jug.
I had fun putting things on the tall green shelf unit.
Not sure what to do with this plant stand yet. Just hung it on the wall for now.
It was only $3.00 so I had to grab it.

I put the drawer unit on my island with the metal piece at one end.
Not sure what it is, the point comes off. Maybe the top decoration of a copula, a garden ornament? 
Anybody have any ideas?


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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rest of the Wall

Here is the other side of the pantry door:
DH made the cubby shelf for our mugs.
This little display sits on the floor below the mugs.
Here is the left side of the wall.
And here is the right side

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my kitchen wall!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kitchen Wall

We have been working on the kitchen wall and it is finished for now. I will probably add more and I will change the pictures every so often just to freshen things up.
Here are some of the things we have hung up.
 A very old cupboard holds my Red Rose Tea miniature tea pots.
an old divided shelf has lots of things old and new. (The nesting measuring cups go in the empty space) The old kitchen utensils are in a glass light fixture. The little lady is a mustard pot.
My new tea pot sits in an not so old apple crate. The triangle holds a tea bag.
Another tea pot has an old wood box for a home. The tiny tea pot is a night light which was a gift from my sister.
The wine glasses are held by an old rake. an idea found on Pinterest. My DH made the match box.
 A small spice rack holds Mr. & Mrs. Pop-in-Fresh a 1971 send for purchase.
I will show you the rest of the wall on the other side of the pantry door in a future post along with an overall view.


Monday, June 4, 2012

My Weekend finds Displayed

Here of a few of the ways I used the things I bought at the Victoria Weekend Garage Sales.
 The Church candle holder without the wreath.
The metal tool box as a desk organizer beside my computer.
The spaghetti glass jar filled with spaghetti on my dry sink.
Candle holder on tray on east porch table. (some of the hens & chickens in the tin)
Bird cage with birds on the east porch
ladder with tin planter by the west porch
free planter filled with Mother's Day basket of flowers (more hens & chickens)
Wood planter on side table on the west porch.
Watering can? planter on the coal bin on the west porch.
Fish candle holder and nautical sign above the old cook stove on the west porch.

Thanks to the garage sales my porches are looking much better.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend Workers

My daughter picked up her children and all four of them came for the weekend to help us do some things around the house.
 TJ and Paul hung the light fixture in the kitchen
Meghan and her Mom Sharon weeded and planted the garden around the west bay which is very sunny and dry.
They planted portulaca which hopefully will spread and fill in with some nice colour.
Paul cleaning up and planting morning glories
Sharon's dog Radar was a big help too!
They also moved a lot of heavy furniture for us and helped us organize a bit for the Garage Sale we hope to have soon. Thanks everyone!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too.