Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rest of the Wall

Here is the other side of the pantry door:
DH made the cubby shelf for our mugs.
This little display sits on the floor below the mugs.
Here is the left side of the wall.
And here is the right side

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my kitchen wall!


  1. So fun and you have so many great things on display. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  2. What a feast for the eyes! I love your little shelves and chest, and is that a brick wall I see there?! You have a wood ceiling AND a brick wall?! I'm jealous! I'm in love with the plate and cup rack above the door, too. Wonderful, Patricia!

  3. What pretty treasures you have and I really like the way you've displayed all of them. Thanks so much for visiting with me:-)

  4. Thanks for the tour, Patricia! I do so love to come in and see what others have done to make their homes their own. You have so many cool things, your wall makes for fun viewing!

  5. Hi Pat,
    Welcome to Marty's meme. Hope you will enjoy visiting all the players and I know will love and drool, like what I do for sometimes now §;-)

    TY for sharing your home.

    Greetings from Stockholm,

  6. Hi Pat.

    I love these walls; if only they could speak :)

    It reminds me of looking through my mum's old junk drawers when I was a kid, except that you have everything on display. BTW, that is not meant as an insult, the best stuff was found in those drawers!

    Thanks for the visit. I just love Toller's work, it's whimsical and (f)airy.