Monday, June 18, 2012

Relay For Life

On Friday we participated in a Relay for Life to raise funds for cancer Research. My son Christopher was our team leader.
 Here is our team; Kyrstyn, her Other Grandma Anne, Philip, Patrick, DH John, Me, Tammy, Alexandre, Lori, son Christopher, Taylor, son Sean, my sister Joan.
Eight of us stayed for the long haul 7:00 pm till 7:00 am. Christopher, Philip, Alexandre, Patrick, Kyrstin, John, Me and Joan.
The evening starts with the Survivor Lap which is very moving.
We took turns doing laps with some doing more than others. I managed 25 laps.
They had lots of activities to keep us awake and motivated. Alexanndre with face painting.
Taylor and Alexandre take a break.
At 10:00 pm they lit the luminaries and they stayed lit for the rest of the night, the last one on the left was lit for my sisters husband Al who died of cancer in 2009.
At 3:00 am they had a paper dress competition and Patrick was a good sport and modeled the dress designed by Kyrstin on the stage for us. Joan, myself and Christopher were her assistants.
Just after 5:00 am the sun was rising.
I am proud of myself that I managed to stay up all night and proud of my family who stayed with it for the long haul. Over $115,000.00 was raised by the 54 teams that participated.



  1. Good for you! What a wonderful way to take a horrible thing like cancer and turn it around as a unifying way for your family to do good!

  2. Good for you! Such a great way to support a such a worthy organization!